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Your OP Gold card now includes even more features for your security and enjoyment. ✓ Two free lounge visits per year, additional visits €28/person. Start your trip by relaxing at a lounge with your spouse or friend. Sign up before your first visit! ➞ Before starting your journey, log into the LoungeKey service and check that your previously filled in card details are up to date. While logged in, you can also check which lounges are available at the airports you will use. Also remember to take your physical OP Gold card with you to the lounge. ✓ Travel insurance, which covers: ➞ treatment expenses of travel illnesses and accidents abroad to up to 20 million euros. Also insures your spouse and children under the age of 25 travelling with you. ➞ cancelled or interrupted trips and missed departure or connection. ➞ delayed, damaged or stolen luggage. ➞ liability for damages abroad. ➞ rental car deductible up to €2,000 in the event of damage in Finland and abroad. ➞ The travel insurance is valid when a sufficient part of travel expenses are paid using the credit feature in OP Gold. Rental car excess insurance is valid when the car is paid using the credit feature. See terms and conditions for details. ➞ Travel insurance certificate: https://www.op.fi/documents/20556/1626110/OP-Visa+Gold+Travel+Certificate+2021.pdf/e252da9f-cce1-1130-476f-22098e43e41a ✓ Event ticket insurance covers theatre, concert and event tickets purchased using the credit feature in OP Gold to up to €1,000 if you miss the event due to a health or property-related reason. ✓ OP owner-customers receive product protection insurance against damage or theft for debit and credit card purchases for one year from the date of purchase. ✓ Credit card company’s cover for credit purchases. Provides cover against the seller’s bankruptcy or if the product you purchased is not delivered. ✓ Emergency cash advance if your card is lost or stolen while travelling.
Travel Emergency Service (24/7): ✆ +358 9 4245 6233 OP Gold Customer Service (24/7) ✆ 0100 0510 Select ➀: Card customer service (24/7) Select ➁: Card deactivation service (24/7) Select ➂: Travel insurance, rental car insurance and event ticket insurance Mon‒Fri, 9.00‒17.00 Select ➃: Product protection insurance Mon–Fri, 8.00–17.00 Select ➄: LoungeKey 24/7. Claims settlement: Travel insurance, Rental car insurance, Event ticket insurance ➥ File a claim: https://eu.claims.axa.travel/ Product protection insurance ➥ File a claim: https://vahinkoapu.pohjola.fi/en
Learn more about OP Gold: https://www.op.fi/private-customers/daily-banking/cards/op-visa-gold LoungeKey details and terms: https://www.loungekey.com/opgold Travel insurance, rental car insurance and event ticket insurance policy document: https://www.op.fi/tac?did=HeVis0000005452&cs=d0720d569033c9520441538b38de269685e942b9379598426e0f9504dfbfbf23 Travel insurance, rental car insurance and event ticket insurance terms and conditions: https://www.op.fi/tac?did=HeVis0000005451&cs=ef5b882546351d78d2c2d6b62976eccdcb90baa5cfaf11a3a91471038f2566b1 Product protection insurance product guide: https://www.pohjola.fi/loso/461416e.pdf Product protection insurance terms and conditions: https://www.pohjola.fi/loso/332855e.pdf
Op.fi-services: https://www.op.fi Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/op.fi Twitter: https://twitter.com/op_ryhma Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/op_ryhma/ Card issued by: OP Retail Customers plc
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