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Excellence:,-amit-az-utasbiztositasrol-tudni-kell_-_TRA_AXA_HU.pdf.aspx?lang=hu-HU - click for details
Digitize your Covid-19 certificate and keep it easily accessible in your mobile wallet at all times.
📧 📞 +36 1 999 5932 Claim submission address: 📧
1. Tell us your policy number, which is: 5050116333/001. 2. Tell us when and where the incident happened and where you are currently located (street, city, etc.). 3. Describe how the injury or accident happened.
1. If someone causes damage or injures you, get witnesses and contact details for the person responsible and call the police. 2. Never sign anything you don't understand or agree with. Always write your disagreement in English or Hungarian on the document. 3. If your luggage is lost or stolen, make sure you have as many documents as possible, e.g.: police report, receipt from the carrier, photos of damage, receipts, etc.
• Frequently asked questions: • Insurance documents : policy conditions, insurance product information - IPID)
If you have any questions about travel insurance, feel free to contact us: 📞 +36 1 999 5932 📧
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