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Great exclusive benefits. ✓ Peace of mind when you travel ➞ Travel insurance will cover you, your luggage, as well as your spouse and family members under the age of 25 travelling with you on trips inside and outside Finland. ✓ Rental Car Insurance ➞ Rental car insurance covers the car hire deductible for up to 5,000 euros if an accident happens. ✓ Lounge services: Priority Pass membership and Plaza Premium Lounge ➞ Priority Pass membership: entitles you and three of your travel companions to visit the lounge in hundreds of airports for free. You can enter the lounge by showing your Priority Pass card and a valid personal ID document, so keep the Priority Pass on you at all times. ➥ Airport Lounges: https://www.prioritypass.com/ ➞ Plaza Premium Lounge: access to Plaza Premium Lounges in the Helsinki Airport Arrivals Hall and non-Schengen area. You can bring up to three guests with you at no extra charge You can access the lounge with your OP Platinum card and boarding pass. ✓ Data and Identity Theft Protection ➞ The service provided by F-Secure protects your whole family’s devices against viruses, Trojans and ransomware. You will get personal assistance in case of problems. Using the services requires an OP user ID. ✓ Event ticket insurance covers event tickets ➞ Event ticket insurance covers theatre, concert, or event tickets up to 3,000 euros if you are unable to attend due to falling ill or another serious reason. ✓ Concierge service ➞ This personal service will help you plan a trip, reserve a hotel room, arrange flower and gift deliveries. ✓ Product Protection Insurance for owner-customers ➞ When you pay with your card in Finland, online or abroad, you as an OP cooperative bank owner-customer get a 365-day insurance cover against breakage and theft for your purchases.
Travel Emergency Service (24/7): ✆ +358 10 253 0011 OP Platinum Customer Service (24/7): ✆ 0100 0510 Select ➀: Card customer service (24/7) Select ➁: Card deactivation service (24/7) Select ➂: Insurance services: ➞ Travel Insurance and Product Protection Insurance, Mon-Fri 8-17 ➞ Rental Car Insurance and Event ticket insurance Mon-Fri 9-17 Select ➃: F-Secure´s data and identity theft protection: ➞ Activating the service, open Mon–Fri 8–17 ➞ F-Secure support, open Mon–Fri 8–18 ➞ Identity theft help, open Mon–Fri 8–18 Select ➄: Lounge services: ➞ Priority Pass, open Mon–Fri 9–22, Sat 10–18 ➞ Plaza Premium Lounge, open Mon–Fri 8–17 Select ➅: Concierge service and Recovery service for a lost key, open Mon–Fri 9–22, Sat 10–18 Claims settlement: Travel Insurance and Product Protection Insurance ➥ File a claim: https://vahinkoapu.pohjola.fi/en Rental Car Insurance and Event ticket insurance ➥ File a claim: https://eu.claims.axa.travel/
Learn more about OP Platinum: https://www.op.fi/private-customers/daily-banking/cards/op-visa-platinum Travel insurance information sheet: https://www.op.fi/documents/20556/40040906/460218e_OP+Platinum+Matkavakuutuksen+vakuutusinfo_en+v3.pdf/ac126632-421d-cd86-626f-f4a30de914df Rental Car Insurance, General terms: https://www.op.fi/documents/20556/40040906/OP+Platinum_Vuokra-autovakuutus_en.pdf/a881dfd6-46d5-81a8-1cc3-768a3378a2a6 Ticket cancellation,General terms: https://www.op.fi/tac?did=Hekor0000006153&cs=a1e25b3dd2a13f0fffbb07a1c39ab47bd72393932d2fdb5eb83405ab998e9b1d Concierge Service, General terms and conditions: https://www.op.fi/tac?did=HeVis0000005210&cs=6112f51c8c0c263ee984ca2e37338f759019b764d31491b3fbb4f5f70367e5e5 Priority Pass, General terms and conditions: https://www.op.fi/tac?did=HeVis0000005342&cs=a301ff0430556f34b838a1ab3cdd4a9d16b8bd275b9e42e7797c7cdc59f9fe10 Key Service, General terms and conditions: https://www.op.fi/tac?did=HeVis0000005345&cs=4022ced880f480011ccbd66281560256d83c666ea6b7ab7530145222704ba48d
Op.fi-services: https://www.op.fi/home-page Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/op.fi Twitter: https://twitter.com/op_ryhma Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/op_ryhma/ Card issued by: OP Retail Customers plc
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