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OP Duo, OP’s Mastercard, is an excellent credit card with outstanding services. Bringing you even more benefits in daily life, it’s the smart choice of second card. ✓ Best Price Protection ensures that you won’t pay too much ➞ Best Price Protection will ensure that you will not have to postpone purchases in the hope of getting a better deal. If you find a product paid with OP Duo elsewhere at a price that is over 50 euros lower, we’ll refund the price difference to you. ✓ Identity Theft Help will help if your details fall into the wrong hands ➞ You will get personal help for preventing identity theft or fraud for investigating identity theft. For example, if someone has taken out a loan in your name or your details have been used for online purchases. ✓ Product Protection Insurance covers your purchases for 365 days ➞ Product Protection Insurance included in an owner-customer’s OP Duo covers purchases against breakage or theft. In other words, you won’t need to buy separate insurance for new items such as phones. The insurance is valid for 365 days. ✓ Credit card company cover for credit purchases helps if problems occur ➞ Under the Consumer Protection Act, you can apply for a refund from your credit card company if a retailer breaches a sales contract for a purchase made with credit. Credit card company cover for credit purchases helps if problems occur: based on the Consumer Protection Act, you can claim a refund from the credit card company if, for example, the product or service you buy is defective or lost in transport, or the company goes bankrupt before delivery.
OP Cards customer service and additional services support ✆ 0100 0510, select ➂ OP Duo Select ➀: Card customer service Mon–Fri 8–19 Select ➁: Card deactivation service, 24/7 Select ➂: Product Protection Insurance Mon‒Fri 9‒16 Select ➃: Best Price Protection Mon–Fri 9–17 Select ➄: Identity theft help Mon–Fri 8–18 Claims settlement: Product protection insurance ➥ File a claim: https://vahinkoapu.pohjola.fi/privatecustomers/card/op-visa-cards-purchase-protection-security
Read more about OP Duo : www.op.fi/duo Protection Insurance product guide : https://www.pohjola.fi/loso/461416f.pdf Product Protection Insurance terms and conditions : https://www.pohjola.fi/loso/332855f.pdf Best Price Protection terms and conditions : https://www.op.fi/tac?did=HeKor0000005460&cs=4945688f20522f674067d5e930c844870c4fefc9ec2d59fa49e84d0a1f5afd49
Op.fi-services: https://www.op.fi Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/op.fi Twitter: https://twitter.com/op_ryhma Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/op_ryhma/ Card issued by: OP Retail Customers plc
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